Dia-noesis: a Journal of Philosophy
Special Issue:
The Byzantine World and its Cultural Surrounding (In Progress)

Dia-noesis publishes work for the entire field of philosophy and adjacent disciplines—texts that are lively and readable. Prospective authors are asked to contribute with articles (up to 6.000 words in length) related to Byzantine Philosophy, Literature, and History. Emphasis is paid on the dialogue between Byzantine intellectuals and philosophers (or intellectuals) from Italy, the Arabic world, the Slavic world, and northern Europe. The Special Issue will focus on cross-cultural exchange, transfer and communication between Byzantium and its cultural surroundings. The Issue will look at Byzantium from an interdisciplinary perspective, merging Philosophy, Political Theory, Cultural, Social and Political History, Political Theology, Religion, Literary Theory, Poetry, Art, and Anthropology. Furthermore, the Issue will not focus exclusively on a particular Byzantine historical age. It maintains an ecumenical approach and accepts articles related to pre-Byzantine and post-Byzantine intellectual histories as well.

Dia-noesis is an international academic journal (based in Greece), edited by exceptionally skilled researchers in the field of Philosophy, Political Religion, Political Theory and History, who look for works that highlight the uniqueness and provocativeness of the new arguments. Dia-noesis is indexed (ERIHPLUS) and advertised on major search engines.